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My childhood ambition was to merely get through Temple Training alive in one piece at all....*

Let's try this again, shall we? )

*ooc: Yeah, that would be my lame-ass attempt at double-striking out. Carry on.

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He can smell the mingled scents of any number of familiar and alien foods emanating from the communal dining hall. He can hear the jovial banter between friends and colleagues as they shared the mealtime together. He can hear the soft padding of boots upon the carpeted hallways, the clack of boots on polished permacrete, as beings from all parts of the galaxy walk the corridors. The hushed and reverent tones that fill the Archives as students and teachers research politics, prepare for missions, and study for lessons are sighs that caress him.

The warmth and safety of this place, the Jedi Temple, runs in his veins and permeates his soul.

It lives inside his heart, the structure he knows so well from birth; it is a living extension of him and his life. It is his home, where dreams are realized and challenges undertaken. There is always a friendly face and a kind word waiting from those within; there is always guidance from Master Yoda and Master Windu. There is the Jedi Council; a tad blinded by their well-intentioned actions, yet nevertheless a strong leadership to hold the Order together.

There are training halls and Meditation Gardens. There is the Room of a Thousand Fountains, which holds so many memories of beloved conversations and realized fears. There is the lake to swim in. There is the crèche where he and Bant met, and there are the classrooms that he shared with friends. There is his room, with his books and model ships floating on repulsorlifts. There is a place for his lightsabre.

There is a place for hopes and tears, there is communion and harmony and shared purpose.

Most of all, there is the Force.

It binds them together; it leads them as one.

And it shows him the home from his dreams - the home of his heart and soul - in the drifting sands and blinding light of the twin suns as surely as if he is still living there to this day.

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He feels it's high time he finds out what door this silly key that Simon gave him unlocks.

So he heads upstairs and stares down the hallway for a moment before slowly walking down.

He glances at each door as he passes, frowning at the lived-in feeling they seem to emit. He's curious to note that some have numbers, some don't. Others have things on them that he'd rather not guess at...until he passes Room 21.

Right across from Room 21 is a door that has a symbol that makes him frown. The left half of the symbol is the Jedi crest (minus the word 'Jedi'), while the right half is that of the Sith.

He almost rolls his eyes. Almost.

"I guess this must be mine, then," he says to no one in particular. And of course, the key fits perfectly and the door swings open.

As he steps inside he facepalms. It looks like a corner of the Jedi Temple's Room of a Thousand Fountains has been transported to this room in Milliways.

The bed has a canopy of vines and flowers; a tiny, tinkling waterfall adds it's bubbly song to the room and the air is slightly damp. It's bright, airy and there's lots of 'soothing' blue and white and green and brown...

There's another door inside that leads to a large sitting room that contains a wall of books and a computer console reminiscent of the Temple Archives. This room is decorated in more sombre tones, reds and blacks, deeper browns and auburns...

There is a large wingback chair with wine-red upholstery, a mahogany side table next to it, and a matching roll-top desk against one wall.

This room is a scholar's dream-come-true. The other? is an amphibian's.

He collapses in the chair and puts a hand to his head. It's bad enough that he needs to ignore the duality of his nature and fight against it on a good day. This damned establishment seems hell-bent on making him live it constantly.

"Force save me from this wretched place..."


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