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Some time during the last couple of hours, bacta has been applied to Padme's wounds so that they can heal. It's the least Obi-Wan can do for her, seeing as he's the one who inflicted them in the first place.

He's sitting in a comfy chair, in the sitting-room part of Padme's nook in Milliways, one leg crossed over the other, reading one of the books from his room. He's dressed simply, in a white t-shirt and black slacks. All that's missing is the pipe, reading glasses and slippers...


Ow. *rubs head* Yes, strike that last line.

All that's missing is the pipe, reading glasses and slippers...

Anyway. Obi-Wan. Sitting. Reading. Padme's room.


There's a platter with food and drink on the table in front of him, because he's been really stingy with them.

He glances at his chrono casually and sighs sighs delicately. He really ought to let her loose. He's sure that she's learned the lesson. With a casual wave of his hand in the general direction of the bedroom, Obi-Wan uses the force to disintegrate the rope and unlock the Force collar.

After a moment's thought, he even dissolves the gaga and blindfold, figuring that Padme won't be strong enough to undo either.

The closet had been left unlocked after he applied the bacta, so she should have no issues getting out.
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[after THIS]

The matte-black body-armour looked impressive, with it's silver trim. At least that was the illusion conveyed by Obi-Wan's attire. It was really leather that had been treated to take on the appearence of armour to fool those he came into contact with. The black hooded-cloak he wore was a made of a fabric not unlike that of the Jedi, and served to conceal his more distinguishing features.

The man before him wore the simple, yet unique robes of the Administrator of Adarlon. He had the simering manner of an Administrator, as well. It annoyed Obi-Wan greatly.

Administrator Tarand, for that was his name, spread his hands in a placating gesture. "What would you have me do, Khulir? I have given you all the information that I have."

Obi-Wan scowled beneath his hood at the man and turned away with a snap of his cloak. His voice, so different from the cultured Coruscanti accent, was low and gruff. "Then you are useless to me."

Tarand paled. "But Khulir, all of Adarlon's resources are at my disposal-"

"Yes! And you still haven't the means to get me what I want." Obi-wan spun back to face the Administrator. "Because I am feeling charitable, Administrator, I will give you one more day to find me those codes. If you fail, my business will be taken elsewhere."

Tarand bowed deeply and backed out of the room slowly. "Yes, Khulir. It shall be done as you ask."

Obi-Wan's eyes narrowed. "You better pray that is it."


It only took Tarand another 5 standard hours to get the codes Obi-Wan needed to break through the Seperatist Net around Malachor V. Unfortunately, getting the codes in the first place was a highly annoying and unforseen step that had to be taken. Once Obi-Wan let leak to the Sith Lord that the planet still lived, he should have surmised that the planet would be quarantined.

"It's what I would have done," he muttered, entering the coordinates for his first jump out of the Adarlon system. The jump was short, only a 25-second jog into neighbouring space to throw off any tails he had picked up. He performed three more random jumps as extra security before making the jump out to Malachor. As the stars elongated into the light-tunnel that would bear him to his prey, he settled in to rest himself for the coming confrontation. After all, it would be no good if he let Dooku escape into Skywalker's arms...
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He feels it's high time he finds out what door this silly key that Simon gave him unlocks.

So he heads upstairs and stares down the hallway for a moment before slowly walking down.

He glances at each door as he passes, frowning at the lived-in feeling they seem to emit. He's curious to note that some have numbers, some don't. Others have things on them that he'd rather not guess at...until he passes Room 21.

Right across from Room 21 is a door that has a symbol that makes him frown. The left half of the symbol is the Jedi crest (minus the word 'Jedi'), while the right half is that of the Sith.

He almost rolls his eyes. Almost.

"I guess this must be mine, then," he says to no one in particular. And of course, the key fits perfectly and the door swings open.

As he steps inside he facepalms. It looks like a corner of the Jedi Temple's Room of a Thousand Fountains has been transported to this room in Milliways.

The bed has a canopy of vines and flowers; a tiny, tinkling waterfall adds it's bubbly song to the room and the air is slightly damp. It's bright, airy and there's lots of 'soothing' blue and white and green and brown...

There's another door inside that leads to a large sitting room that contains a wall of books and a computer console reminiscent of the Temple Archives. This room is decorated in more sombre tones, reds and blacks, deeper browns and auburns...

There is a large wingback chair with wine-red upholstery, a mahogany side table next to it, and a matching roll-top desk against one wall.

This room is a scholar's dream-come-true. The other? is an amphibian's.

He collapses in the chair and puts a hand to his head. It's bad enough that he needs to ignore the duality of his nature and fight against it on a good day. This damned establishment seems hell-bent on making him live it constantly.

"Force save me from this wretched place..."
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[right after this]

It doesn't take long for Obi-Wan to recover from his shock at seeing the note on his comm console and actually send an encoded message back to Master Yoda about this Sith Tomb business.

The next person he needs to tell is Siri. But that will have to wait for after this first planning meeting, where they can hopefully establish Obi-Wan as the renegade Jedi more solidly.

When Siri and Anakin show up, they'll find him standing next to the holo-table, with the same officials from the night before seated in front of him, waiting for them to arrive with that Intel data he requested at breakfast.

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The Image

The fog is thick )
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"Master Kenobi! I'm so glad you could make it," Madam Zavra said, smiling as she waved Obi-Wan over. "I wanted to give you a tour of our Research Center, since you might have need of it during your stay."

Obi-Wan gave the Onderon Council member a cordial bow. "Thank you Madam Zavra."

He fell into step with her, listening as she pointed out things of interest, gave him a quick tutorial on their computer system and generally made an issue out of showing him around. FInally, Obi-Wan couldn't take it any longer. His nerves and his resolve had been sorely tested at breakfast and he wanted to get on with this mission.

"What is it that you really wanted to tell me, Madam Zavra?" Obi-Wan said in a low undertone, nodding to someone as they passed by.

"Oh," she gasped, slightly taken aback. She shook off the feeling quickly and grinned. "Right. You're a Jedi. I keep forgetting..."

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. Zavra chuckled.

"Master Kenobi--"

"Obi-Wan, please."

"Alright. Obi-Wan. I discovered something interesting about those abandoned runes. That tomb that is supposedly upon Dxun? is an old Sith tomb."

It took every ounce of effort for Obi-Wan to keep walking, as his blood turned to ice. Those thrice be-damned Sith again! He should have guessed! He kept his breathing steady, his expression neutral.

"I see. And what makes you think this information would be valuable for me?"

Zavra gave him a sidelong glance. "The Sith are the ancient enemies of the Jedi. I thought you might be interested to know that the CIS is trying to take control of a system that used to belong to the Sith during the Old Republic. And also," she glanced around the room covertly, "I've heard rumours about the Sith and their role in the Clone War."

"Uh-huh. Well, you shouldn't believe everything you hear, Madam Zavra. But I thank you for this information. It would serve us well to find out what our CIS friends want with the tomb of a Sith."

"Indeed." Then, she added more loudly. "Well, Master Kenobi, that's everything. If you need any assistance, you have only to ask."

They exchanged bows and then Obi-Wan was left alone. He headed for his room. No use pulling attention to himself by commencing his search on this mysterious tomb now. Besides, he needed to inform Master Yoda of this development.

He headed to his room and sat before the comm-console, where a datapad was waiting for him. He felt his breath hitch as he picked it up.

So soon? But Siri and I have barely begun our farce...

But no, the words on the datapad confirmed it:

We're watching you, Master Jedi.
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He's always associated the colour red with betrayal and losing control )

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[ooc: No, I'm not trying to guilt you into feeling sorry for Obi-Wan instead of Anakin at the end of ROTS. Whyever do you ask?]
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[ooc: this is set during the post-ROTS era and has no bearing on TM-RP. And really, we mean this in the most non-slashy way possible.]

We were brothers, you and I, sworn to protect each other to the death. We were closer than siblings, more attentive and caring than parent to child, as sword-brothers are wont to be.

I loved you.

I'm inclined to say that you didn't love me, but I know you did. You loved her, as well, and that love destroyed you. You clung too tightly to that love you bore for us and in the end it was used against you; used to turn you against us.

He warped your love and turned it into hate. That warm, caring boy that we had known in the past became a treacherous murderer, cutting a swath through the only life he had ever wanted.

Why, my friend, why?

Was she worth losing your soul for?

The price you paid to become what you did was high for me, too. I lost my very existence because of what you did. You took my only home, my only family and my only friends and destroyed them. I should hate you as much as you believe you hate me.

But I don't.

I still love you, in the face of your betrayal.

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