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[ooc: takes place after the two threads that spawn from This.]

After Anakin left him, and at some point after his shower, Obi-Wan suddenly recalls exactly why the heretofor unknown person during the previous night's activity has been filling him with a sense of foreboding.

It has him dressed in clean clothing and hurrying - as well as he can with the headache that still ails him - down one hallway, and then another, before he knocks once on the door and simply walks into Siri's quarters.

He'll stare at her wide-eyed for a moment before he squeezes his eyes shut and pinches the bridge of his nose in serious exasperation.

Plaintively, "Please tell me we didn't both get roaring drunk on a joint mission."
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[ooc: possibly in reference to this particular session, but definitely riffing off that idea if the timing on the other thread won't allow for that exact class.]

The 7-year-old initiates of Obi-Wan's old clan lined up in ranks, each student no closer than four feet from their neighbours; as one, they move through the cadences starting with Form I and moving through Form VI. Once they reach the end of the sequence, they come to an easy rest for several seconds and then begin once more.

Standing before them, eying them critically as they flow through the movements, is Obi-Wan. His cloak is conspicuously absent, and can be seen draped over a bench that's pushed against one wall of the gymnasium. Upon and around that bench are also the dozen or so lightsabres that belong to the younglings currently running drills. The Master walks through the ranks, offering a word of encouragement or correction here and there.

In all, it's a fairly standard scene in the life of the Jedi Temple and its curriculum, despite the fact that it's Obi-Wan overseeing this class and not Master Drallig. Of course, for someone not familiar with the formalities of Temple training, the sight is possibly mesmerizing...


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[ooc: picking up from here]

His comlink goes off shortly after he emerges from a Jedi Council meeting and a brief conversation with Anakin has Obi-Wan agreeing to meet his friend down in CoCo Town, at Dex's. It's an odd time to meet for any sort of meal, it being smack-dab in the middle of the afternoon. The lunch rush of Coruscant's blue-collar community has long since abated, and in a few hours the dinner crowd will be spilling into the streets and diners of the district.

As for the more upscale clientele, well, they would have hit up the odder, more exotic places much earlier than the usual lunch hour so as to miss the more colourful beings of Coruscant's lower to lower-middle class. The only others milling around the zone would be pilots and other sundry waiting for departure times, fares, and cargo.

In any case, Obi-Wan didn't have any pressing matters to attend to, and whatever Anakin wanted to see him about would be a welcome distraction. So he checks out a speeder from the Temple's motor pool and makes his way to CoCo Town.

He parks next to what is clearly Anakin's vehicle, noting that Dex's is unusually quiet; a half-smile lifted the corner of his mouth. Dex must have come up with more than a few experimental dishes today, and nobody wanted to stick around to be his test rodents. He'd have to be careful to order something from the menu lest his Basilisk friend think he was game for trying something new.

"New" with Dex was usually difficult on ones internal plumbing.

It's this thought that carries him into the diner, and he scans the tables looking for Anakin.
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[ooc: continued from HERE.]

"And mine along with it." Like he needs anymore excitement in his life.

He begins to walk down the hall towards the Council Rooms, trusting Anakin to fall into step with him.


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