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[some meta play and fun. this doesn't affect the Onderon mission at all.]

Dawn at the temple is always a soothing affair, and Obi-Wan generally enjoys getting up for morning exercises and meditations. He's always up with the first of them and, depending on which other members of the Order are present, he usually leads the group.

But today, for some reason, he's just not feeling up to it. His bed is far too comfy and warm and, and....hmmmmmmmCozy. Nice and cozy and fluffy.


He can sleep in just this once, can't he?
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Obi-Wan stares at the question on his screen: What is your favorite thing to do to relax?

He sighs wistfully. Relaxing is something that he hasn't been able to do in quite some time. He thinks of his favourite chair, worn from so many years of being used.

He remembers Qui-Gon sitting in it during some late night chats, just sitting and drinking tea while absently playing chess with him.

It was by no means anything profound. No, their profound talks always occurred in the Room of a Thousand Fountains.

These times in Qui-Gon's room were light-hearted, where Master and Padawan could take off the Jedi countenance and simply be Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon.

That chair was the only thing Obi-Wan had requested to keep after Qui-Gon's death; it is the closest thing he has to a personal possession. He likes to curls up in it with a favourite book, the lights dimmed low and a pot of tea by his elbow.

He even turns his comm off, but no one needs to know that... *g*

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