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After teasing the poor kitten, Obi-Wan sauntered to his workrooms, making sure she would be able to follow him.

He left the door open for her, so she could wander in, as well.

The main room looked like a gym, almost. The floor was carpeted with exercise-mats and there was some basic equipment such as weights against the walls.

He striped down to his waist, and began to do basic stretches. Yes, he was killing time before Max arrived...
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[some time after this]

Obi-Wan walked into the boys' room and stopped dead in his tracks. He blinked a few times before facepalming.

"Kaelin. Why am I not surprised," he stated, walking over to the lad who was hovering happily a few feet off the ground. The youngster clapped his hands in delight as he let his papa snatch him out of the air. "We ought to start giving you Force-control lessons."

Kaelin merely giggled and gave Obi-Wan a sloppy kiss on the cheek before snuggling into the man's arms. Obi-Wan hugged his son close, and headed out into the living room.

the last year had been an adventurous one, to say the least. The boys' personalities hadn't changed much, with Myrddin being the head-strong impatient one, and Kaelin the more calculated and even tempered. They were both equally strong in the Force, and they had driven both Obi-Wan and Padme to near insanity as their abilities began t manifest in small, quiet ways.

Obi-Wan sighed. He wouldn't have traded the last two years for anything.

He joined Padme and Myrddin, and together, the four of them exited the house to head into town for the festival...
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He's in his room.

He's naked.

He's kneeling on his bed, arms raised above his head and chained to the ceiling.

Don't ask how he managed to get like that. He just did.

His eyes are downcast and the Sith is safely locked away really, really tightly.

Now, it's just a matter of time before she arrives.

When she does, she'll find all sorts of toys laid out for her to use.

And a trussed-up Obi-Wan.

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[um. backdated to right after this. yes we are slow in getting things written.]

Sith vs. Sithling )
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He's in his study.

He's cleared a spot on the wall and tacked up a piece of flimsi with a single word written on it.


He's throwing a kife at it, letting the thunk! of the blade sinking into the wall reverberate through him. Then he pulls it out and throws it again.

It's a fun game.

And lets anyone watching know what he truly thinks of that name.

...Have at it.
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Some time during the last couple of hours, bacta has been applied to Padme's wounds so that they can heal. It's the least Obi-Wan can do for her, seeing as he's the one who inflicted them in the first place.

He's sitting in a comfy chair, in the sitting-room part of Padme's nook in Milliways, one leg crossed over the other, reading one of the books from his room. He's dressed simply, in a white t-shirt and black slacks. All that's missing is the pipe, reading glasses and slippers...


Ow. *rubs head* Yes, strike that last line.

All that's missing is the pipe, reading glasses and slippers...

Anyway. Obi-Wan. Sitting. Reading. Padme's room.


There's a platter with food and drink on the table in front of him, because he's been really stingy with them.

He glances at his chrono casually and sighs sighs delicately. He really ought to let her loose. He's sure that she's learned the lesson. With a casual wave of his hand in the general direction of the bedroom, Obi-Wan uses the force to disintegrate the rope and unlock the Force collar.

After a moment's thought, he even dissolves the gaga and blindfold, figuring that Padme won't be strong enough to undo either.

The closet had been left unlocked after he applied the bacta, so she should have no issues getting out.
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[after THIS]

The matte-black body-armour looked impressive, with it's silver trim. At least that was the illusion conveyed by Obi-Wan's attire. It was really leather that had been treated to take on the appearence of armour to fool those he came into contact with. The black hooded-cloak he wore was a made of a fabric not unlike that of the Jedi, and served to conceal his more distinguishing features.

The man before him wore the simple, yet unique robes of the Administrator of Adarlon. He had the simering manner of an Administrator, as well. It annoyed Obi-Wan greatly.

Administrator Tarand, for that was his name, spread his hands in a placating gesture. "What would you have me do, Khulir? I have given you all the information that I have."

Obi-Wan scowled beneath his hood at the man and turned away with a snap of his cloak. His voice, so different from the cultured Coruscanti accent, was low and gruff. "Then you are useless to me."

Tarand paled. "But Khulir, all of Adarlon's resources are at my disposal-"

"Yes! And you still haven't the means to get me what I want." Obi-wan spun back to face the Administrator. "Because I am feeling charitable, Administrator, I will give you one more day to find me those codes. If you fail, my business will be taken elsewhere."

Tarand bowed deeply and backed out of the room slowly. "Yes, Khulir. It shall be done as you ask."

Obi-Wan's eyes narrowed. "You better pray that is it."


It only took Tarand another 5 standard hours to get the codes Obi-Wan needed to break through the Seperatist Net around Malachor V. Unfortunately, getting the codes in the first place was a highly annoying and unforseen step that had to be taken. Once Obi-Wan let leak to the Sith Lord that the planet still lived, he should have surmised that the planet would be quarantined.

"It's what I would have done," he muttered, entering the coordinates for his first jump out of the Adarlon system. The jump was short, only a 25-second jog into neighbouring space to throw off any tails he had picked up. He performed three more random jumps as extra security before making the jump out to Malachor. As the stars elongated into the light-tunnel that would bear him to his prey, he settled in to rest himself for the coming confrontation. After all, it would be no good if he let Dooku escape into Skywalker's arms...
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[after THIS]

As Obi-Wan steps out of Milliways, he's happy to note that only a couple of hours have passed and he's once more outside the cantina he had been trying to get into previously.

The darkened street held no secrets to the Sith-Jedi, as he pulls his hood closer around his face and headed out into the night, becoming one with the shadows.


Back in his hideout, far from prying eyes and...

Wait, what? What planet is he on? How the hell should I know? I'm just the mun! And Obi-Wan doesn't trust me with this information. Something about me blabbing it to Other People. *shrugs* Don't look at me like that.


Back in his hideout, far from prying eyes, he settles down to think about all that had happened to him. Here, in his Universe, nothing except a few hours had passed, yet he had spent a considerable amount of time inside that blasted Bar. He supposes that the only good thing that came out of it was gaining a Queen and, he hopes, a new disciple.

Both Padme and Sabe had great potential; Padme, as his Queen, would help him once the Sith eventually sought to rule the galaxy. Sabe would keep him grounded in all things, her unassuming manner and lack of great Force-sensitivity making her ideal as the Jedi's companion.

Yes, his time there had yielded much, but he still sought one more to add to his growing harem and that was Anakin Skywalker. Not the youth that had once vowed to kill him, no. But another, stronger Anakin, one who knew the Dark Side and knew what it was that could be taught. That one would take more time, however, if he ever managed to end up back in that Sith-forsaken place.

The beeping of his comm console jolted him from his deep meditation, which he hadn't realized he had sunk into. He padded over to the console and peered down at the blinking light. He punched a button and saw, to his amazement, that it wasn't a comm-call, but a message. A message that was from someone unexpected, but not unknown.

There is a bounty on Dooku, placed by an anonymous contact from the Commerce Guild. Skywalker is being sent to investigate and collect on it if he can. If you can beat him, it would be a great step towards your redemption.

Your Temple Friend.

Hmm...such a lucrative prospect. And he knew that redemption in this case did not mean his reinstatement into the Order.

No, redemption meant no longer being branded 'traitor' and 'abomination'; it meant an acknowledgment of the former Jedi's status as merely another person in the galaxy and not an outcast. In short, it would redeem his name within the annals of the Jedi as merely another who had struck out on his or her own path. He would become one of the Lost Jedi.

And in turn he would forgo his plans at galactic domination.

After all, it was only fair.
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He feels it's high time he finds out what door this silly key that Simon gave him unlocks.

So he heads upstairs and stares down the hallway for a moment before slowly walking down.

He glances at each door as he passes, frowning at the lived-in feeling they seem to emit. He's curious to note that some have numbers, some don't. Others have things on them that he'd rather not guess at...until he passes Room 21.

Right across from Room 21 is a door that has a symbol that makes him frown. The left half of the symbol is the Jedi crest (minus the word 'Jedi'), while the right half is that of the Sith.

He almost rolls his eyes. Almost.

"I guess this must be mine, then," he says to no one in particular. And of course, the key fits perfectly and the door swings open.

As he steps inside he facepalms. It looks like a corner of the Jedi Temple's Room of a Thousand Fountains has been transported to this room in Milliways.

The bed has a canopy of vines and flowers; a tiny, tinkling waterfall adds it's bubbly song to the room and the air is slightly damp. It's bright, airy and there's lots of 'soothing' blue and white and green and brown...

There's another door inside that leads to a large sitting room that contains a wall of books and a computer console reminiscent of the Temple Archives. This room is decorated in more sombre tones, reds and blacks, deeper browns and auburns...

There is a large wingback chair with wine-red upholstery, a mahogany side table next to it, and a matching roll-top desk against one wall.

This room is a scholar's dream-come-true. The other? is an amphibian's.

He collapses in the chair and puts a hand to his head. It's bad enough that he needs to ignore the duality of his nature and fight against it on a good day. This damned establishment seems hell-bent on making him live it constantly.

"Force save me from this wretched place..."
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(I hate you all, with much love. know who you are.)

Obi-Wan Kenobi/Darth Akarus*/Bounty Hunter Khulir

The night of Qui-Gon Jinn’s funeral is one to remember in the mind of Obi-Wan Kenobi, for it is there that the seeds of doubt and the whispers of something greater and far beyond the Jedi worm themselves into his soul.

After everyone leaves the cooling ashes, whispers of how Obi-Wan used the Dark Side to vanquish the Sith that killed his Master and how the Jedi and the Sith really aren’t all that different, cause the young Kenobi to flee from the funeral pyre, only to leave him admitting to his touching the Dark and believing that he could be great, so long as he keeps up the pretence of being Jedi.

However, the bodiless voice that speaks of greatness by means of the Dark Side is vanquished until Anakin’s thirteenth birthday, when the youth unwittingly widens the fissure that the elder Jedi has been trying to hold shut for so many years. Escaping from the Temple, Obi-Wan encounters that voice within once more, and is finally convinced that not only do the Jedi have it wrong, but so do the Sith!

He vows to be the first to achieve what others have only dreamed of: total balance between both Dark and Light within the same being. Being wholly Jedi, yet wholly Sith at the same time. Embracing both principles and tenets to achieve an even greater understanding of a dynamic whole.

By means of a Sith holocron found on Telos, Obi-Wan begins his journey down the Dark Path, only to find it twisted and fraught with conflict, as the Jedi he is fights with the Sith that wants to emerge. While the Light side is still very strong within him, he gives in to the Dark to expedite the transition from Light to Grey, but find himself consumed by the Dark.

At the expense of his friendships and loyalties within the Jedi Order, most notably by the sacrifice of his friendship with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan falls away from the institution he grew to know to stumble along this path that he has unwittingly placed himself upon.

In the meantime, Anakin is given over to a new Master and grows quite strong, becoming the Jedi that Obi-Wan Kenobi is in an alternate universe.

At 36 standard-years old, with Anakin having just turned 20, Obi-Wan confronts his one-time Padawan. They fight, but it is a draw, and Anakin – firmly rooted in the Light – denounces his old Master and promises to destroy the abomination that Obi-Wan has become should their paths cross once more.

Now, Obi-Wan lives in Darkness; a powerful Sith Lord who’s Light-side tendencies only surface when the Force wills it. While he is capable of being the destructive creature that is associated with all Sith – and generally he is! – he is also a vigilante and bounty hunter who works in secret and hides in shadow.

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