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There are many things in my past that I would love to go back and change. But seeing as how I'm only supposed to choose one, I believe I know which one I would love to go back and rectify.

Everyone knows that a Jedi draws strength from the Force. It allows us to continue on well past our natural reserves. It is an aspect of my training that I usually forget about, since I've rarely had any reason to draw so deeply from the Force. Many of the battles that I have fought have been decisive, but never classified as too neither long nor too short. They were always the length they needed to be in order to reach the outcome that was intended.

Once, however, I was in a battle that had drained me rapidly; it was the last time I had fought alongside my Master against Darth Maul. Even though I had the aid of Qui-Gon, I still got kicked around pretty badly.

The main reason Qui-Gon died that day was because I wasn't at his side while he fought. I had been knocked down several levels after Maul kicked me over the edge of the walkway. I hesitated just a little too long before leaping back up. By that time, they were too far away.

Well, too far away for someone who didn't have access to the Force. If I could relive that moment over, I wouldn't take so damned long before vaulting back up to where I was supposed to be, and second, I would remembered that I had deeper reserves of strength in the Force; I would have used Force-speed to catch up to Qui-Gon and Maul and maybe, just maybe, my Master would still be alive today.

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[[Access Denied: Anakin Skywalker]]  )

[[Access Restored: Anakin Skywalker]]

So, is there a good reason for getting blinding drunk? Sometimes. Though I'm glad I'm over that particular reason.


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