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He's always associated the colour red with betrayal and losing control )

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[ooc: No, I'm not trying to guilt you into feeling sorry for Obi-Wan instead of Anakin at the end of ROTS. Whyever do you ask?]
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[ooc: this is set during the post-ROTS era and has no bearing on TM-RP. And really, we mean this in the most non-slashy way possible.]

We were brothers, you and I, sworn to protect each other to the death. We were closer than siblings, more attentive and caring than parent to child, as sword-brothers are wont to be.

I loved you.

I'm inclined to say that you didn't love me, but I know you did. You loved her, as well, and that love destroyed you. You clung too tightly to that love you bore for us and in the end it was used against you; used to turn you against us.

He warped your love and turned it into hate. That warm, caring boy that we had known in the past became a treacherous murderer, cutting a swath through the only life he had ever wanted.

Why, my friend, why?

Was she worth losing your soul for?

The price you paid to become what you did was high for me, too. I lost my very existence because of what you did. You took my only home, my only family and my only friends and destroyed them. I should hate you as much as you believe you hate me.

But I don't.

I still love you, in the face of your betrayal.

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