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Fighting is one of the many disciplines that a Jedi must learn. As such, the choice of fighting style is an exceedingly personal one and it is a subject that is generally spoken of without judgement. There are seven main lightsabre fighting forms, each with its unique pros and cons.

The Lightsabre Forms )

So. The one fact I would like to know about everyone is which form would they choose, if they had the opportunity to become a Jedi?

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Two hours passes quickly when one is prepping for a mission, but for Obi-Wan they couldn't pass quickly enough. He was so eager to see his friend Garen that he had actually finished his packing and gathering the data and gear he would be needing almost an hour before he was due to be in the hanger.

Which is why he was now pacing the afore-mentioned hanger and searching the skies periodically, pack slung on his back, hands tucked in the sleeves of his robe. He manages to not jump up and down in absolute glee when he sees the ship approach and glide gracefully into the hanger 15 minutes before their departure time.

As soon as the ramp lowers, Obi-Wan skips up it and reaches the cockpit as Garen emerges. The two friends embrace, giving each other great back-slaps and holding each other out at arm's length to give once-overs. They talk over each other as sentences are started by one and completed by the other.

Which is how Anakin will find them when he shows up...


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