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[ooc: possibly in reference to this particular session, but definitely riffing off that idea if the timing on the other thread won't allow for that exact class.]

The 7-year-old initiates of Obi-Wan's old clan lined up in ranks, each student no closer than four feet from their neighbours; as one, they move through the cadences starting with Form I and moving through Form VI. Once they reach the end of the sequence, they come to an easy rest for several seconds and then begin once more.

Standing before them, eying them critically as they flow through the movements, is Obi-Wan. His cloak is conspicuously absent, and can be seen draped over a bench that's pushed against one wall of the gymnasium. Upon and around that bench are also the dozen or so lightsabres that belong to the younglings currently running drills. The Master walks through the ranks, offering a word of encouragement or correction here and there.

In all, it's a fairly standard scene in the life of the Jedi Temple and its curriculum, despite the fact that it's Obi-Wan overseeing this class and not Master Drallig. Of course, for someone not familiar with the formalities of Temple training, the sight is possibly mesmerizing...

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[ooc | iiiii'm not sure if it does, so possibly another time works for me!]

There's a part of Luke that can't help wryly wondering if the Force is trying to tell him something. When Anakin had found him lost in the temple, he'd almost happened one of the areas for younglings; and now that he's wandering around again, still trying to get his bearings, he's found...a class of children. He could use some instruction while he's here, he'd admit. Ben had taught him about using the Force, and Yoda on meditation and some of the philosophical, but a lot of the actual combat-related skills he'd had to pick up on his own. Maybe the Force is trying to ensure that whatever Jedi Luke (and maybe even Leia) later train don't suffer from how haphazard necessity made his education.

But he's drawn out of the thought when his gaze falls on the instructor. There, startlingly young, is the man who can only be Obi-Wan Kenobi; and if Luke listens to the Force, past the children, what he feels is familiar. He pauses to watch the whole scene, fascinated and awed.

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It's not hard to smile back; what's harder is to not blurt out something about how young Obi-Wan looks, which is not really the kind of first impression he wants to making. If you can really call it a first impression, he considers, when he's met the man already.

"Hello." After a beat, he hastens to add, "I'm Luke."

Anakin mentioned telling Obi-Wan about them, so he hopes the man will recognize the name.

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Luke does follow him, eyes for the moment entirely on his old mentor instead of the children. This is different than meeting Anakin was; even if Luke had seen beneath the mask, time and injury had done so much as to make the man unrecognizable. The Anakin of this time could almost be a stranger, if not for the family resemblances. But Obi-Wan looks so much like old Ben, both in appearance and the familiar feeling in the Force.

He nods as he moves to sit on the bench, saying, "Yes." There's a hesitation as he tries to decide what name to go by, and clumsily continues — "Anakin showed me around. Though I'm still learning the layout of the Temple."

Which is a nicer way of saying he's still a bit prone to getting lost.

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"That makes sense."

Both how the younglings learn their way around the Temple — which helps him feel a little better, too, that he hasn't yet been navigationally outclassed by small children — and the idea of downloading a map. His attention turns to the younglings now, head canting as he watches them spar. It's like seeing play out in front of him the vague hopes he's begun to have for the future, briefly spurred on by his meeting with Dev. Except, of course, it isn't the future at all — it's what was, until around the time of his and Leia's birth. It's not just the legacy that's been left to him but the history that precedes him, practically unimaginable until now.

"How often do they do this?"

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It's incredible. Luke can count on one hand the number of other Force-sensitives he's met besides the masters who taught him, and he's never seen a child — forget a roomful of them. In his concern for Leia, he's begun to think about how disjointed and harried his training was. He can hardly blame Ben or Master Yoda for it; with the Empire bearing down on them and Vader actively spending time looking for Luke and trying to turn him, there wasn't much else that could be done. They could only try to impart what they knew to Luke and hope for the best, and in the end it worked out. But this is so different. Growing up together, studying both the Force and more normal skill sets, working and playing together for years and letting their abilities blossom over time...

Is this how he and Leia might've been brought up, if the Republic hadn't fallen?

"I had no idea," he admits quietly. He's trying to be mindful of not affecting the past too much or saying things that Leia hasn't already, but ventures on, "It was different when I learned. I didn't get started until I was nineteen, and even then..."

Even then, he didn't really train until he was twenty-two and found himself stranded on Dagobah.
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The idea that there are books explaining the Jedi way is so unexpected and yet mundane that it actually makes him laugh.

"I'd like that. Thanks."

There's still a wistful smile on his face as Obi-Wan gets up to conclude the lesson, and he watches the children complete the last of the sparring and attend to the end of the lesson. If, or when, he and Leia find a way home, something like this could be in his future. While the immense responsibility of carrying on the Order is a serious thing, it's nice to remember there's the potential for sweet moments like this too.

"I do."

He stands as well, unclipping the hilt from his belt and readily holding it up in case Obi-Wan wants to take a look at it. There's a visible resemblance to the other man's, but Luke won't be the one to mention it — partially just unsure if Obi-Wan even knows they've met in the future.

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"Well, it..."

He pauses and frowns as he listens to the question's elaboration, taking a moment to clip the lightsaber back to his belt. And if it helps cover a pause as he tries to think of a good way to answer — it's entirely intentional.

"I'm not sure." He'd gotten a lot of the materials from old Ben's hut back on Tatooine, but admitting that would feel like skirting too close to Obi-Wan's ultimate fate. "I sort of got them from you. I needed one as soon as I could make it back then, so I didn't have time to look any deeper into it."

It's true in a sense. From a certain point of view, you could even say.

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He's grateful for Obi-Wan's reluctance to know about the future, especially after his father's curiosity. Luke can hardly fault it — he'd probably feel the same — but it seems dangerous to give these people too much information about the things that are to come. If they're even still going to happen, given Luke's and Leia's arrivals. He's been trying not to dwell on it too much, because it's enough to give anyone a headache.

"Thank you." It'll be a lot easier to have some guidance on the topic of building more lightsabers than having to work it out for himself in the future. As for his blade — "Um. No."

With as hasty a job as it'd been, he hadn't had the chance to work in refinements like that. The blade's served him well, but he can't help feeling a little embarrassed now.

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Luke clips his lightsaber back to his belt as Obi-Wan leaves, and waits with an air of curiosity. He takes the hilt from the other man, holding it one-handed as he turns it on, contemplating the less powerful blade. Most definitely safer for training, especially with all the small children here. There's a half-smile he can't entirely help when Obi-Wan mentions keeping limbs intact, dry and full of knowing.

"Not for combat," he says, turning the blade away from Obi-Wan and giving the open air an experimental slash. "I learned from — I learned about meditation and the Force, balancing myself and letting it control me, sometimes...but fighting I picked up as I went along."

Some from watching that one, fateful fight of old Ben's, some from watching Vader (ironically), and most of the rest from experiment and instinct and guidance from the Force.

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Learned from Yoda, he'd almost said, but had caught himself. It's way too easy to accidentally give information away.

Luke nods at the suggestion, powering down the blade just long enough to take a few strides out towards the middle of the gymnasium where they'll have plenty of space to spar. It seems natural — too natural, maybe — to fall into the routine of listening to Obi-Wan for instruction. The last time he'd held a lightsaber around him, it'd been Anakin's weapon and Luke had been trying to catch blasts for practice in the Falcon. It feels a lot longer than around four years ago.

He stops and turns to face Obi-Wan, taking a deep breath as he holds the lightsaber in front of him two-handed. He's at peace. He's at peace. After a moment, he switches the blade on again and nods, shifting his legs into a widened stance — enough to keep his weight balanced if he needs to parry any strikes, but not so much that it'll be difficult to move out of it. The blade remains, for now, angled upwards and slightly to the right in front of him.

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hahah i'm glad to put these to use

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He closes his eyes as Obi-Wan circles him, remembering that long ago advice about how the eyes can be deceptive. It's less that he expects that to be the case now than that he doesn't want to be too reliant on them; a circular trajectory is easy enough to track without, anyway, but can also be deceptive. (Peace.) With his attention tuned into the Force, he feels the first motion towards a strike and pivots to parry, eyes snapping open. He catches the second strike and moves for a riposte, aiming a broad slash at Obi-Wan's right shoulder.

okay! and hahah makes..things...up

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Luke was only faintly paying attention earlier, awed as he was by being in his old friend's presence once again, and so senses only a little familiarity in the succession of moves. Enough to vaguely recognize them, at least, and consider that he might've done well to pay closer attention during the lesson. With the pace at which they go, it's probably easy to see that Luke's basic footwork is, aside from the occasional slip, full of broad and low stances that balance his weight well and give him good momentum. His movements show borrowing from a mix of techniques, coming from instinct and observation (and Obi-Wan is bound to recognize some of Anakin's style), that have strength but at this point are still somewhat unrefined; and while he fights well enough that one might not guess he's had all of two lightsaber duels in his life, there are probably some indicators that he isn't entirely used to dealing with opponents who also use a lightsaber.

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Luke stops when motioned to, flicking the training blade off and letting his arms fall to his sides. He can't help smiling at the assessment of what style he gravitates to; like father, like son, maybe, and even if the fact that they ever fought at all is a bitter one it's tempered by the knowledge of how much he learned about being a Jedi from his father after all.

"I'll ask him about it." Concerning the fifth form. He nods at Obi-Wan's suggestion. "Yes, I think that's a good idea."

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That earlier self-consciousness comes flooding right back when Obi-Wan talks about fixing up his blade, much as Luke understands why he says it. By any standard, his lightsaber is only as good as anything can be, that was made in an old hut in the middle of nowhere from foraged materials. There's no reason not to tune up with additional functionalities now that he has the time.

He nods, saying, "Thank you."

It's gratitude for all of the offers, which he eventually intends to take Obi-Wan and Anakin up on, and for all the things Obi-Wan doesn't know about yet -- for everything old Ben did for Luke too. For now, he nods a goodbye and goes to see about that advice from Anakin.


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