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His comlink goes off shortly after he emerges from a Jedi Council meeting and a brief conversation with Anakin has Obi-Wan agreeing to meet his friend down in CoCo Town, at Dex's. It's an odd time to meet for any sort of meal, it being smack-dab in the middle of the afternoon. The lunch rush of Coruscant's blue-collar community has long since abated, and in a few hours the dinner crowd will be spilling into the streets and diners of the district.

As for the more upscale clientele, well, they would have hit up the odder, more exotic places much earlier than the usual lunch hour so as to miss the more colourful beings of Coruscant's lower to lower-middle class. The only others milling around the zone would be pilots and other sundry waiting for departure times, fares, and cargo.

In any case, Obi-Wan didn't have any pressing matters to attend to, and whatever Anakin wanted to see him about would be a welcome distraction. So he checks out a speeder from the Temple's motor pool and makes his way to CoCo Town.

He parks next to what is clearly Anakin's vehicle, noting that Dex's is unusually quiet; a half-smile lifted the corner of his mouth. Dex must have come up with more than a few experimental dishes today, and nobody wanted to stick around to be his test rodents. He'd have to be careful to order something from the menu lest his Basilisk friend think he was game for trying something new.

"New" with Dex was usually difficult on ones internal plumbing.

It's this thought that carries him into the diner, and he scans the tables looking for Anakin.

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"Speaking of determination," Anakin mutters as he sees Obi-Wan walk in.

Then he takes a deep breath, smiles, and waves the other Jedi over to their booth.

Well. This is where the fun begins.

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Leia rises from her seat as the Jedi Master makes his approach, vacating the end of the booth she'd been occupying to slide into the seat next to her father. And while the politician in her threatened to take command of the situation right from the get-go, urging her to get back on her feet and greet him properly as a good princess should-- All she can do is stare.

This version of the man who'd first trained her brother, who Bail Organa had spoken so highly of, doesn't look anything like the haggard old man she'd caught a glimpse of while fleeing the first Death Star. But who is she to compare a Jedi General in his prime to an aged eccentric who'd spent the past twenty or so years in exile on Tatooine?

A mere glimpse before an untimely, unfortunate death was hardly anything to go by.

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Anakin can't help smiling at that. "No, Master, your tunic is fine."

But between Leia's staring and a certain anxiety in Anakin's presence in the Force, Obi-Wan pretty much has to realize something strange is going on. And he isn't entirely sure yet how to come out with it. But he can make introductions at the very least.

"Master," and yes it's probably telling that he's regressed to his old title here, "this is Leia...we met a few weeks ago after she was...stranded here. Leia, this is the Obi-Wan Kenobi you've heard so much about."

Most. Awkward. Introduction. Ever.

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Smooth, Anakin. Very smooth.

At the very least, Leia stops staring and offers Obi-Wan her hand from across the table. "General Kenobi, it's an honor to finally meet you."
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"Just drinks...we were waiting." He smiles slightly, "didn't want to be rude." Uncivilized had been on the tip of his tongue though.

Then he nods toward the window through which Dex can be seen cooking in the kitchen, "I think Dex is getting creative today. We might not want to order."

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Leia casts a glance towards the kitchen as well, watching the bulky, blobulous form of the multi-armed Besalisk she assumes is Dex move about the stoves, lifting lids off pots to inspect their contents. Having lost her appetite to talk of Jabba the Hutt, she isn't all that interested in asking just how creative this Dex was capable of getting.

Which is fine, because she would much rather focus on the task at hand.

"Tell me, General," Leia asks, wasting no time in getting to the point, "how familiar are you with matters that are temporal in nature?"

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Anakin just wrinkles his nose and halfway hopes they can talk Dex into some sort of inoffensive dessert-type thing instead. Maybe.

"In another way," he answers for Leia. After all, if it were about visions, it wasn't like he didn't have all-too-personal experience with them on his own. "More like...visitation."

Which was just a slightly more grown-up way of saying time travel.

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"Along the lines of time travel," Leia elaborates, casting a quick glance at Anakin. "Your former apprentice hasn't had any luck in locating any viable information on temporal occurrences in the Jedi Archives. I can, however, confirm that such a thing does exist."

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Oh, Force. How does he even start? They should have practiced this.

"I met Leia outside the Temple. She told me that she came from twenty years in the future. Trust me, I didn't believe her either, not really. But she asked for my help in searching the Archives for anything related to..." he glances over at Leia and rolls his eyes, "time travel. Obviously, I didn't find anything useful which is part of why you're here but while I was searching, we got to know one another better and there turn out to be a few...issues..."

Still skipping over the daughter thing but knowing Obi-Wan is about to ask what issues. "She's Force sensitive, for one. If you didn't notice already. And I thought I could help with that. Off the record." Because she is obviously not a candidate for training by the Order.

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Of course, his explanation would make a lot more sense if he would just come out and tell Obi-Wan that she was his daughter. Why else would he have placed so much trust in a complete stranger who went about spouting nonsense about time travel and being from a point some twenty years in the future? Blood didn't lie, and there was something about the ties of blood being amplified by their Force-sensitivity that made lying considerably more difficult and the truth impossibly sound.

Perhaps it would be better to just get it over with before her father made a grand show of dancing around the truth until he was asked point-blank about it.

"The Force is strong in my family," she finds herself saying, echoing the same words Luke had spoken to her on Endor's forest moon. "There's no denying it, and there's not much sense in denying what we're not saying. Anakin isn't the only Skywalker at this table."

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It probably also helps with identifying who must be Leia's mother simply by the fact that there's really only one woman Anakin has ever shown any serious interest in, Jedi teachings about attachment aside.

Anakin watches Obi-Wan carefully for a moment or three and when it seems commentary is going to wait for the time being, he forges on. "Yes," he affirms, "she's my daughter." And the assurance in his tone suggests there's absolutely no doubt about it, strange circumstances though they are.

Might as well just get the rest over while Obi-Wan is busy with the pie. He does, however, lower his voice. "She has a brother, too, but he didn't come with her. And since she's from the future, she knows how the Clone Wars are supposed to end and that the Republic isn't going to fare well and that the Sith lord we've all been worried about is," his expression goes bleak for a moment, "the highest man in the entire government and he's orchestrated this whole war to gain power so he can create a Galactic Empire and destroy the Jedi and he might be having a weapon built that can destroy entire worlds but I haven't really been able to find any evidence of that either yet and it's entirely possible in the future she comes from that I kind of help the Sith lord and I'm going to have my pie now, take your time."

If he missed anything, Leia can fill in.

Maybe they should have FLO bring them out something stronger to drink.

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There shouldn't be anything comical about what Anakin's just said, but Leia turns to regard him with an expression that teeters between exasperation and amusement all the same. Pieces of the politician's mask she'd donned while initially conducting this conversation like it were peace treaty negotiations have fallen away, and she's left shaking her head slowly at him, wondering if he's going to even bother with stopping to breathe during his spiel.

Wordlessly, she reaches for a plate of pie when he finishes talking and pushes it towards him, returning her attention to Obi-Wan to clarify a few things that Anakin had so eloquently sailed right on over.

"Twin brother. We're twins, and everything he's said is true. The Sith Lord is who you think it is, and the super weapon he will one day use to destroy entire worlds is likely under construction at this very moment. I could go into greater detail, but I assume you have questions." Undoubtedly lots of them, especially for her father. "I'll let you ask them."

She gestures with a sweep of her hand for him to do so, opening up the proverbial floor for whatever he has to say. Hopefully the famed Obi-Wan Kenobi was reasonable as Bail, Luke, and even Padmé had made him out to be.

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Anakin looks up from his pie, swallows, looks down again. "You said it yourself, I'd be expelled from the Order," certainly Obi-Wan must remember that moment on Geonosis. He looks up again, gaze earnest, "I love her, Obi-Wan. I can't...be without her. But I can't not be a Jedi too. At least not-...right now. I can't leave the war while I'm needed, can I?" Surely he sees that, surely he can understand.

Surely he doesn't have to say that he hadn't trusted Obi-Wan to keep the secret.

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"Why not both?"

Leave it to Anakin's daughter to interject with something like that. She reaches for that last slice of pie, tapping the prongs of her fork against the edge of the plate.

"Love isn't a weakness, it's a strength. Passion has the potential to be dangerous, but to love is to be human -- to live. If the Force comes from life itself, why is living that life such a crime? Living involves taking risks; there's darkness to be found in all things, if you look hard enough. Insisting that there's darkness to be found down a path that doesn't always have to end that way is just asking for people to go and find it, even when the path could be illuminated by the brightest of lights."

Leia takes a bite, chews, and swallows. "Frankly, I find the whole notion rather absurd."
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Anakin's mouth drops open at the how much would you be willing to bet question. And yet if he were honest with himself, he would have to admit that when he says he can't be without her, when he says he'd do anything for her...

...he really does mean anything.

So he closes his mouth on whatever comment he might have made. He does catch that look, though, and his eyes narrow. What right does he have to lecture meabout love? So instead of bringing up Master Tachi, he goes for a different tack.

"But what if we aren't serving the Republic anymore?"

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"First of all," Leia holds up a finger, and there's an austereness that sets into her features that's all Anakin in spite of having inherited her obvious mother's coloring, "don't call me 'young one.' And I have to disagree. The world isn't meant to be viewed in such strict black and white terms. Holding people to such impossibly high standards is, again, asking for them to go looking for those extremes -- extremes that are born of the need to keep something that's a basic sentient right secret. There are those who sever the Republic and the governing bodies that follow in its wake that are impartial and fair without having to sacrifice their personal lives or families. Asking the Jedi to do the same seems almost elitist in nature."

Her fork sinks into the center of the pie, but she doesn't scoop up another bite. Just twists it around in the namana custard filling. Having spent more than her fair share of time on Bakura itself, Leia knew better than to eat more than she bargained for. The fruit of the namana tree was highly addictive, and some people had practically popped namana candies like they were pills.

Leia's head snaps back up when Obi-Wan asks if she would let the one she loved more than life itself to die. Her grip on the fork goes slack and it tips over sideways into the custard.

Would she let the one she loved more than life itself die for the greater good? Yes. She would, and she very nearly did. Luke would have perished on the second Death Star had Darth Vader not turned back to the light and saved his son from the Emperor's wrath. He would have died, and she let him go, because she understood his intentions. She saw the bigger picture, just as he did.

(How Jedi-like of her.)

She takes in a calming, steadying breath. "I'm not here to debate the merits of the Jedi Order. I'm here to stop the Republic from collapsing entirely, to save the future from the plans the Supreme Chancellor has for it before he chance to crown himself Emperor."

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[ooc: hey, it looks like I might be able to email-reply after all!]

There's a bit of a mulish set to Anakin's jaw. "And if things are truly as Leia claims," he does at least flash her an apologetic look, he's not intending to call her a liar here, "then it sounds like simply by fighting this war the Jedi have already lost. Day by day more and more people who never wanted to have anything to do with the war die. How are we serving them?" Maybe some of Padme's views have managed to percolate into Anakin's consciousness after all. "There are people out there who will hate us forever for what we've done...or for what we didn't do," he may be referring to what happened on Jabiim there, "those people might celebrate the downfall of the Jedi Order." If nothing else, the war grew more unpopular all the time and the Jedi were the ones seen as leading it, no matter that ultimate responsibility lay in the Chancellor's hands.

"Though..." he says slowly, "who's to say it will stop if he," there's no point in referring directly to Palpatine here, "is gone? There's still Dooku and Grievous to deal with." And he didn't think they would just lay down arms quietly.

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