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After dining with Anakin and talking with Dex, Obi-Wan decided to head back to the Temple and hit up the Archives to brush up on his ancient history. Madam Nu was only too pleased to help him dig up old records spanning from 1,000 to 1,500 years ago. Some of his readings warranted going back further in time, but as events prior to the Third Battle of Ruusan weren't a factor in their strange guest's history yet, he saw no reason to follow up on anything that led him there.

When the screen began to blur on him, he realized that he'd spent more than several hours pouring over material and it was high time for him to take a break. Besides, his brain needed to process what he'd read, and it couldn't do that while staring blankly at a computer terminal.

He wandered for a bit, arms crossed over his chest and tucked up the sleeves of his robe as a slight frown ghosted over his features. He wasn't really paying attention to where he was going, but when he finally snapped his focus back into place he wasn't exactly surprised to find himself on the threshold of The Room of a Thousand Fountains. It was his usual place of contemplation, meditation, and solitude, so it was only natural that his unconscious mind would lead him here.

And so here he is, about to step into the expansive arboretum, with the history of the Republic playing on the back-burner of his mind. The scene is just begging to be intruded upon...
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