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After dining with Anakin and talking with Dex, Obi-Wan decided to head back to the Temple and hit up the Archives to brush up on his ancient history. Madam Nu was only too pleased to help him dig up old records spanning from 1,000 to 1,500 years ago. Some of his readings warranted going back further in time, but as events prior to the Third Battle of Ruusan weren't a factor in their strange guest's history yet, he saw no reason to follow up on anything that led him there.

When the screen began to blur on him, he realized that he'd spent more than several hours pouring over material and it was high time for him to take a break. Besides, his brain needed to process what he'd read, and it couldn't do that while staring blankly at a computer terminal.

He wandered for a bit, arms crossed over his chest and tucked up the sleeves of his robe as a slight frown ghosted over his features. He wasn't really paying attention to where he was going, but when he finally snapped his focus back into place he wasn't exactly surprised to find himself on the threshold of The Room of a Thousand Fountains. It was his usual place of contemplation, meditation, and solitude, so it was only natural that his unconscious mind would lead him here.

And so here he is, about to step into the expansive arboretum, with the history of the Republic playing on the back-burner of his mind. The scene is just begging to be intruded upon...

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Obi-Wan wasn't the only one wandering the temple at this point. Restless and trying to find some quiet place to meditate and get rid of it, given that it's been a few days, she's not attracting as many stares or as much.

It helps that she doesn't really have too many overtly, outstanding Sith traits. Most people apparently overlook the eyes when they're not really paying attention. Dia's also mildly surprised they let her keep her weapon (But then, most everyone's armed at all times anyway, so apparently it mades no real difference).

Still, she might surprise Obi-Wan. Dia'ndra Starfall moves with extraordinary silence, barefoot on the stone floor, the only sound she's making being the extremely silent motion of her robes shifting with her movement. Lost in her own thoughts, she stops in mild surprise when she spots the Jedi Master.

"Ah. Sorry, I almost didn't see you there."

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Tainted, especially in the presence and in comparison to most Jedi, but not completely lost to it. Less black and white and more shades of gray than anyone in the Order is typically used to dealing with. Still, she takes the encounter in stride, tilting her head thoughtfully and quirking an eyebrow, "That kind of night for both of us? And who might I have the pleasure of accidentally running into this evening?"

For the moment, there is no anger, there is no hate. There's no need for either emotion right now, and while they're a source of her power, holding into them needlessly is generally ultimately pointless and time-wasting.

Particularly when she's trying to become something different. A little more balanced, and a little less ruled by hate and vengeance (particularly when the targets of such things are long dead, due to temporal weirdness that she has yet to find any explanation for in any of the archives she has access to).

To her credit, she's more conservatively dressed than when Anakin initially met her. The more standard (if loose) robe top alongside those ankle-length kilts the ex-Sith seems to be fond of. The lightsaber strapped to her belt, no shoes, and silvery silken gloves on her hands.

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Fun fact! It's possible for (ex)-Sith to be polite! Dia'ndria returns the bow with as much respect as is given. Treat her like a sentient being, instead of a monster, and people get places with her. Of course, deeper down she'd understand why, but hate and disdain tend to earn that response reflected back at whomever she's talking to at the time. When she straightens, she crosses her arms over her chest, and replies, observing first, "Ah, Anakin's mentioned you a few times", pointing at him with one hand, tone more amused than anything, "and how you wanted to meet me."

"Dia'ndria Starfall," She finally says, "Former Sith Apprentice, trying to find a new path since the Force or something else decided to forcibly drop me onto a completely unfamiliar road." She gestured with one hand. Then paused. "Well. Not completely unfamiliar, but unfamiliar enough that I'm more or less forced to start over."

Now that he's with her, he can probably make a number of observations about her. She's shorter than either he or Anakin both (probably about five foot five at best), and she speaks with an Imperial (or generically English-ish) accent. "From what I was lead to understand, you're apparently at least curious about me, if nothing else."

Dia continued her way into the arboretum, if nothing else, seeking a place to sit down. She suspected a long conversation ahead, after all.

((Slow tags are fine by me, but you get the same warning I gave Anakin: My knowledge of most of the EU is limited to what I can scour from Wookiepedia, since I'm only more than passingly familiar with the recent shows (Clone Wars, Rebels), and the movies, in addition to TOR (which Dia nominally hails from).))

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It's actually a little difficult to initially decide where, there's a lot more open space than she's still really used to, having had to spend the past few years of her life in a ship and on the move. A (somewhat beat-up at the time she left) Fury-Class interceptor didn't leave for much open space for living, after all. She settled for walking, for the moment, looking around and semi-gravitating towards one of the grassier knolls without really dwelling too much on where she was going (as long as it wasn't running into anyone or being in anyone's way).

"The Force works in bloody mysterious ways," Cue Dia doing spreading of her hands sort of gesture, "no matter which side you stand on, in my experience." The ex-Sith recrossed her arms back out of habit, "I wouldn't really do well under an interrogation," she admitted, "But a civil dialog works just as well," She winked at him. It was still odd, being this relaxed. Not having to watch over her shoulder constantly, or having to worry about the political dance (which, truthfully, she was never very good at--it frustrated her more than anything else).

"But I can't blame you for your curiosity," Dia mused thoughtfully while she walked, "If that's one thing we all have in common, it's that we're knowledge seekers for all the various reasons that we are," another wave of her hand. "Truthfully I'm just as curious, if only because I'm still trying to figure out where I fit in, in all of this," she gestured outwardly with both arms, obviously meaning the new, completely rearranged galaxy she's found herself in. Everything's just, and only just, familiar enough to be mildly frustrating.

It's fortunate she's a quicker learner than most, even if it does get a little confusing at times.
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Any unease she has about being somewhere so purified compared to what she was used to was dispelled simply by the fact that she didn't feel threatened. She has no quarrel with any of these Jedi, and despite her former allegiances, none of them seem to have any with her so far.

As such, she's at fairly decent ease. Seriously. Dromund Kaas as a Sith wasn't nearly as easy as anyone might imagine. Truth be told, most of her 'errands' for her master were largely in Imperial territory. Anakin was the first Jedi she met face to face.

Think about that. That scary thought.

"I suppose," She continued, "I should warn you, much of my past isn't terribly..." Dia'ndra gestured with one hand vaguely, "..Happy." Probably understandable, given what she was, and her origins.

She cut a glance back at him. "I don't suppose you have a specific point in mind I should start with, or should I go with the beginning?" She shrugged a shoulder, turning to sit on a bench as they reach it, her legs crossing under the long, loose kilt. She detaches the dualsaber from her belt, holding it in her hand to feel the weight of it for a moment before setting it across her lap.

Another habit. Also because the length of the hilt makes sitting with it holstered somewhat uncomfortable.

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Keeping her at ease is fairly simple to do. Just don't threaten her or be overtly hostile. Still, she crosses her arms, fiddling with the sleeves out of the mild fact that it's still something she's not used to wearing.

"Mm, as far as my current situation goes, let's start there for the moment." Mostly because it's easier for her to talk about than anything more personal. "My ship was in a sort of.." Gesturing with one hand, "Out of the way, old Sith Temple area of Dromund Kaas. Nothing there but old experiments and people corrupted by the Temple's dark influence. People who aren't generally interested in a closed up Interceptor bunking down somewhere for a few nights."

Recrossing her arms, she continued, "Dromund Kaas, in my time, was vastly populated. But if you knew where to go and what to do, you could be largely ignored, simply be being a problem they can ignore and avoiding drawing attention to yourself."

"It.. had been a few nights. Quiet. I go to bed one night, and then I find myself waking up on the wrong planet, not in my ship or even any building." A vague gesture with one hand again, "And in what is apparently the future, with the number of Sith that can be counted on one hand. To say I'm still a little lost is an understatement."

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Dia had a feeling she should be getting used to the skepticism whenever she brings up Dromund Kaas. She folds her arms again, shifting her sitting position slightly and frowning as he speaks.

"Another possibility is that I might be off on my dates." She mused thoughtfully, "Because I haven't heard of the Battle of Russan or of any 'Darth Bane'," She tapped her chin with her index finger, "Admittedly, I don't know all the names of the Darths on the Council, but 'Bane' doesn't sound familiar at all."

Which is to say, her writer got the dates mixed up too, but Dia getting it wrong as well also works. It's entirely probable that the dating system's changed in the three thousand or so years its actually been.

"That said, I can see the logic in it. Only two official Sith means there's a lot less chaos beneath the surface where everyone's trying to out-game one another politically." A Galaxy with only two Sith? She can get behind that. Less of those assholes to deal with was always a good thing. "One Master, One Apprentice."

She sighed, "I suppose that, at this point, makes me a 'Dark Jedi', since I've renounced any and all connection I had with the Sith in the first bloody place."

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"Yes, I'd noticed that in my discussions with Skywalker and what news I've managed to glean from the Holonet. If they weren't using it to such destructive ends, it might be impressive." Said the Assassin. Stealth and guile were her trade and what made her the most effective.

Ironic, since Bioware decided to give them the flashiest fucking lightsabers ever

She pushed off the bench to stand, hooking her lightsaber to her belt as she started to pace before him, arms folded while she did, "Let's see," She mused, tapping her chin with her index finger while she paces, racking her brain. History, intelligence reports. Anything important enough to be a big named thing. "The Empire and Republic were in a sort of badly maintained cold war. It was, unsurprisingly, mostly the Sith Empire taking stealth shots at the Republic, to try to get them to break the Treaty of Coruscant, without overtly making it look like they're doing it."

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She's had training. Both her Master and the teachers at Korriban saw to that. She moves quietly, light on her feet (Truthfully that's probably why she never wears shoes--it's easier to move silently that way), no real sound aside from her kilt occasionally shifting.

Her body language is still largely closed off. Arms crossed. She's not tense, but mildly defensive out of more habit than anything else.

"Which is bloody terrifying to even think about." While she says that, her tone's even, even while thinking of the implications of that. "But that still doesn't explain why, or how, except the Force works in mysterious ways."

Dia tapped her chin in thought again with her index finger while she paced. "I wonder if it was the Sith Temple I was camped near. The dark powers there certainly were doing strange things to anyone foolish enough to enter, doing strange things to the natural laws of the universe," such as time traveling, "Wouldn't be too strange..."

She shrugs, "But frankly I'm just taking shots in the dark," Beat. "...Pun not intended."

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That's one thing he'll find himself in agreement with the renounced Sith on. She's had enough of twisted and corrupted temples, and their ugly traps. Her--now mechanical--hands could attest. If she never set foot inside another Sith Temple again, she'd be perfectly fine with that.

Because frankly, she'd only do so if it was necessary for her survival to do so. "That much is definitely true," Dia'ndria admitted with a sigh, "As I'm still not entirely sure what to do with myself. I don't think I'll be going back unless I'm absolutely forced, and I'd resist that kicking and screaming."

Seriously. Less Sith means she's less likely to be hunted down for renouncing her Sith-hood. Oh, she doesn't doubt they'll notice her, eventually, but she'd be an unknown, rather than some upstart ex-Apprentice. Which she can accept easily. "I don't think that I'm strictly Jedi material, but I'd certainly do anything to assist in this," gestures upwards with both hands, "Idiotic war. Particularly as I learn more and more about it."

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As he stands, Dia cut a glance towards him, mostly noticing the movement "Well, it's either the council backing me or, well," She made a bit of a face, "Bounty Hunting, which is difficult to get into as someone who lacks a name, a ship, among other things."

At least. As long as one stayed within the legal avenues of acquisition.

Not that she'd break the law so soon after arriving, but she's certainly thought it.

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Dia'ndria raises a finger and opens her mouth to protest that, then pauses. Then frowns, "Actually," she mused thoughtfully, thinking out loud, "That wouldn't be a terrible plan." She started to pace again, tapping her chin with her index finger as she did, continuing to think out loud.

"It would allow the council to keep an eye on me and the various Hunters, but it'd give me the autonomy I'd prefer to be given" Another glance up to him, "Of course I obviously wouldn't take the bounties against the Jedi."

totally ooc threadjacking

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[Anakin would think it hilarious. And also that Obi has a point.]

Re: totally ooc threadjacking

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(once she thinks about how the council would probably react, she'll also think it's hilarious. Which'll make her even more for it.)

Re: totally ooc threadjacking

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Obi-Wan will never EVER hear the end of it. Ever.

Re: totally ooc threadjacking

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Obi Wan might've been joking, but it really isn't a bad idea, "And I'm quite sure it would do wonders in, how does the phrase go?" A flash of a smile bright and playful, with mischief glittering in her faintly lit yellow eyes, "'Keep me out of the council's hair'?"

To be completely honest, she'd considered it for a while before being sprung forward in time. But that was when she had a ship. "The best gossip, the best information, and how to find it. I've always been lead to understand that they're networked fairly well." She mused thoughtfully while she was pacing.

Continuing down the line the train of thought had set, she continued, "And my... background," she gestured at her face, mainly her faintly glowing, yellow eyes, "Would make my status as a Jedi informant harder to believe." Truthfully, she wouldn't be surprised to find out this was a similar path--at least the bounty hunting portion of it--that many ex-Sith or Dark Jedi happened to go down.
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"And that's the rub, isn't it?" Dia mused out loud, shifting her weight to one leg, frowning in thought, "Because to be bluntly honest I have no idea how to show that I'm trustworthy short of actions."

She gestured upwards with both hands, "Which is a little difficult to accomplish here," A mildly frustrated sigh. It's partially because she's so used to thumbing her nose and effectively flipping off her authority figures, she's more than a little lost as to how to, well. Prove herself to authority figures.

Dia can't blame him for not trusting her. All she has is her word, and that's flimsy at best given what she was and what she's trying to become. Honestly, it's probably a little bizarre in his worldview. She's going backwards.

It's usually Jedi who fall to the temptations of the Dark Side, those who've been raised and taught the Light for most of their lives. While Dia is literally the opposite of that. While not raised from birth to be a Sith, she's been taught and thrown into the Deep Dark end of things, and she's fighting the current to be more Light.

Or at least a little more gray, and less absolute one way or the other.

Hers is not an easy path to walk.

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"Yes, the council has to come to a consensus as to what to do with me," she gestured vaguely. "The Sith council worked similarly," at least on the surface. When they weren't finding new and inventing new ways to politically backstab one another, anyway.

seriously, how the hell did the Sith Empire even begin to operate cohesively.

Still, there's a flash of a difficult to read expression at the idea of doing chores, particularly to someone who's used to a much more active and less patience requiring lifestyle. "I... suppose I could do that." She replied, sounding more than a little dubious, "Frankly I'm a better pilot than a floor sweeper or anything like that," she gestured vaguely with one hand.

To be truthful most of her skills were eclectic and all over the place. Living on her own for several years forced that hand (pun not intended, given her own hands).

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Folding her arms low with her hands at her elbows she followed, "I was hesitant to suggest that, to be completely and utterly honest. I'm not sure the Jedi Order would want the," oh, the sarcasm, "oh so dark renounced Sith teaching their corruptible youth."

She's.. not against the idea entirely, even if she's got her obvious doubts (and is making mild jokes about it at her own expense). To say she sounds dubious about it is putting it mildly. The shorter woman walks alongside him again. Motions silent aside from the occasional brush of robe or kilt. Movements practiced to keep herself quiet. For stealth.

"Obviously I'm good with a saber in a variety of ways." She tugs the weapon off of her belt, not activating it, but twirling it in her hand easily, then catching the long handle in both. She flicks her wrists, and it comes apart into two, Dia cut her eyes sideways at him before speaking again, hesitating a moment before further clarifying, "I was..." Frown, probably best to just be blunt with it, "Trained to be an assassin. Stealth. Evading detection, that sort of thing." To kill without being detected is the implication behind her words.

She clicks the two pieces of the saber back together, and hooking it back in the holster on her belt. "Survival skills, and... a lot of not necessarily legal things."

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"Obviously, although I was kidding, admittedly." She shrugged a shoulder as her arms refolded themselves, hands resting at the elbows again. Dia's body language is a little more relaxed. Not entirely open, but not completely closed off any more.

It's not exactly trust on her side either, but it's certainly not complete and utter distrust (As it stands, she still thinks the council's giving her enough rope to effectively hang herself with--she's trying not to, actively so, but..).

Unlike Ventress, Dia tends to lean towards keeping her sabers as the staff, but she'll split it in half at the slightest provocation, flowing like water from one fighting style to the other (and back again, as necessary--which can lean to opponents who can't really fight someone who's skilled in both fighting styles and can switch between them with the ease of a flowing breeze).

Thoughtfully, she mused aloud, "...I suppose I would offer a different viewpoint in that respect, Jedi tend to be more about restraint, and seeing a, well. Former Sith in practice would probably be illuminating." Tapping her chin, "Alongside the fact that I'm something of a living history lesson, even if my current events weren't, well. Up to what they could've been when I vanished."

This may require some research.

...Correct that.

This may require a lot of research. Along with a trial run in a modern ship (won't that be fun).


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