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Title: Cookie Fiasco
Prompt: 005. Pinch
Character: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Fandom: Star Wars
Word Count: 271
Rating: G
Warnings None :)
Disclaimer George Lucas owns Star Wars. Lucas is King. If he doesn't like me pilfering his characters, he can have his merchandise back.
Summary: How Obi-Wan vowed never to let anyone else bake cookies, ever.
Author's Notes: Me, being silly as usual :)


Obi-Wan's heart sank a little further with each step he took, as he realized that the smell that had saturated the Temple's recycled air was leading him to the kitchens. He fervently prayed that his worst fears weren't true, and that someone hadn't tried to proceed without his supervision. He ignored the calls and greetings of those he passed in the hallways, even going so far as to give Master Windu the brush-off as the Council member attempted to stall Obi-Wan to ask about odour.

Obi-Wan hurried towards the kitchens, until at long last he burst through the doorway and into a scene from his nightmares. The room was filled with wafting smoke that spewed from the oven, while a handful of students ran around trying to clear it out while at the same time trying to stop whatever it was that had been going on inside the appliance. In two quick strides, Obi-Wan crossed to the oven and shut it off. He opened the door and used the Force to pull out the baking sheets and dump them in the sink; the charred pieces of what had once been cookie dough hit the gleaming durasteel with loud, unceremonious clangs.

With a wave of his hand, he forced the smoke up into the vents, thus clearing room and having the desired effect of restoring order. Once calm had returned, Obi-Wan regarded the soot-covered students sternly, his hands on his hips. They all refused to meet his gaze, and instead focused on toeing the ground nervously.

"You forgot," he said with a sigh, "to add that final pinch of powder, didn't you?"


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